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Initial medical advice
We provide initial medical advice to you as your family doctor. When you tell us your medical and surgical problems, we will give you relevant advice and if possible, prescribe over the counter medication for you. If the condition is serious, we will refer you to a specialist or a hospital.
Advice on medical reports
We will explain your medical investigation reports in detail to you. If you have queries about what your results mean or what other tests you should do, our group of friendly doctors will be able to assist and advice you.
My medical records
You can store your medical information and repots in our comprehensive electronic medical record storage system. You can upload all your prescriptions, diagnosis cards, investigation reports and vaccination records and we will store them in chronological order. You can refer to these at a later date with ease or show them to your doctor from your tablet or mobile instantly. Alternatively, you can print the files you need. If you move abroad or go on holiday, you will be able to access these records from anywhere in the world without having to worry.
Choose the right specialist
If you are confused about which type of specialist or consultant to see regarding your health problem, our doctors can advise you on who is the right specialist to meet. We will advise you on choosing the correct sub-specialty by providing a list of doctors which will in turn save your money and time because you will only see the required specialist.
Pregnancy advice
We will provide expert advice for pregnant mothers and guide them through all the stages of the pregnancy. Our doctors can provide information on dietary tips during pregnancy, common health concerns, emotional wellbeing and birth advice.
Sexual health advice
If you are concerned about your sexual health, our doctors offer confidential advice. They offer accurate advice on any sexually transmitted diseases, suitable family planning and contraception methods depending on your requirements. You can remain anonymous and we maintain the doctor-patient confidentiality at all times. You can also speak to them about any worries or concerns you may have and they will provide accurate advice.
Dietary advice and follow ups
Our doctors can give you tailor made dietary and nutrition advice. You can get more information on topics like calorie intake, eating healthier foods, cutting down on sugar or salt intakes. We can also monitor your progress through out and give follow up advice if needed.
Exercise and fitness advice
Our doctors can offer specialized exercise advice related to illnesses and provide follow up advice. If you are worried about obesity or why a certain type of exercise is not working for you, they will be able to help you out by providing accurate information and addressing any myths.
Travel with eDoctor
If you are abroad, you can speak to one of our local doctors about your health concerns 24 x 7 and you will not have to worry about having to deal with unfamiliar medical services in another country. You can also access your medical records stored with us from anywhere in the world.
Caring for senior citizens
Senior citizens can speak to our doctors about their health concerns without having to travel to see a doctor. We give them extra attention and they will not feel left out. Their medical records will be kept up to date and if they forget what their latest reports are (e.g. their last sugar level, cholesterol level etc.), they do not need to worry as we hold the latest copies in our system.
Vaccination advice
Our team of doctors will answer your questions about vaccinations, which vaccines should you get or send you reminders on when to get the next vaccination. If you are travelling abroad, we can advise you on specific vaccinations which you are required to have if you are entering that country.
Health seminars
As doing our part to create a healthier society, eDoctor team conducts various health seminars on topics like non communicable diseases, computer vision syndrome, ergonomics, dengue prevention, AIDS/STI prevention and many more. If you like to arrange a health seminar at your organization please contact us to get more information.
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eDoctor Wellness Projects
eDoctor reaches you offline with the "Wellness campaigns" conducting mass scale clinics and health awareness programs. Health screening clinics to detect non communicable diseases are conducted with the use of latest computerized systems such as interactive health tools, which are used to issue personalized client reports. We also conduct Breast cancer awareness and cervical cancer awareness programs which are two specially catered clinics for women, educating them and examining them at the same time to clarify their doubts. If you are interested in organizing such event for the public/your institution, contact eDoctor right-away.
- Non communicable disease awareness program
- Breast cancer awareness program
- Cervical cancer awareness program
- Health talks for Adolescents

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